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Valentine BLUE…it’s the New Red

Valentine BLUE…it works for me! The day of love has come and gone, but I have a permanent reminder that Valentine blue is the new Valentine red…at least to me.

valentine blue
Valentine Blue flowers are so much better to me than red roses!

What makes this a permanent reminder is that this is a Hydrangea shrub and once the weather permits, I can plant it in the garden where it will live for the rest of my lifetime…I hope!

And what makes it a reminder of the love part of Valentine’s Day? It was picked out for me by a very thoughtful fella…Blue Eyes’ 6 year old grandson, Sweet Parker Pie.

valentine blue
Parker’s kindergarten school picture goes perfectly with the beautiful blue Hydrangea he picked out for me.

Parker, (or “Parks”, as Papa Blue Eyes calls him) is a fun little boy who is wise beyond his years. Wise in that he seems to have “a knowing” that most kids his age don’t. What that means to me is that Parks can read into situations and people beyond what is more obviously seen by others. My third son, Dustin Doodle, was my first experience with the “knowing” in such a young child. But, that’s another story for another day…

Back to more Valentine BLUE…

Blue Eyes was unable to go buy me flowers on V Day, so he asked his oldest daughter, Parks’ mama, if she would pick up something for me while running her errands.

valentine blue
I love how some of the flower petals have a green tint. I’m kind of obsessed with the close up details of flowers.

Most folks are probably aware that Hydrangea flowers can be anywhere from white, to pink, to blue…all from the same plant, I guess. I never could grow Hydrangeas in my Montana gardens…way out of prime climate for these beauties…so my knowledge of them isn’t as broad as I’d like it to be.

Learn more about influencing your Hydrangea’s flower colors

Of course, I prefer the blue color! Anyone who knows me even a little bit, is aware of my love of the color blue. I’m not sure if Parks has ever heard that blue is my favorite color…but if he had even heard it one time, he never would have forgotten it…he doesn’t forget much! So, when Parks’ mama asked him to pick out a Valentine flower for me, I’m not sure if he picked the blue because he knew loved blue, or if it was more because he loves blue…or if it was because these were the biggest flowers to choose from…we all know that to most kids…bigger is BETTER!!! But whatever the reason, Parks nailed it!

valentine blue
Here’s another close up shot of my Valentine Blue flowers…because I love them.

I really never get tired of blue flowers…or close up images them.

It’s pretty exciting to me that I get to have my first experience growing Hydrangeas in the garden! Gardening is something I thought I knew a lot about…but my decades of experience all was in north central Montana, which is a world away form here…or so it seems from a gardener’s point of view. I’m now having to learn how to garden in a new climate zone, which can make me feel pretty stupid at times! But I’ll get it. I might be just a little bit stubborn tenacious.

valentine blue
There are so MANY things I love in this image. The blue dishes in the background, the blue flower petals that have touches of lavender, the blue glass vase that was a gift from my Bertie, and the charms hanging from it that came from my Adam and his Terri Jo. ahhhhhh…so much love, all together with my Valentine Blue.

I just had FINALLY picked up a frame for the cutie pie picture of Parks his mama gave us last fall. At the same time, I got another frame that complimented it to display a picture of one of my granddaughters. I have both little cuties on the hutch with all these blue things that I love so much…and since I love these kids even more, I thought it would be a perfect place to see their two little faces.

I did a little re-arranging in order to get this next picture of my 3 year old granddaughter, Miss Mardee Bug, amongst those gorgeous Valentine blue flowers…because as you can see…her dress matches the flowers so well!!

valentine blue
I’m thinking Miss Mardee Bug’s dress matching the Valentine blue flowers that Parks picked out for me is some kind of a sign. I think once these 2 meet, they’ll become good buds.

And there you have it…Valentine Blue flowers. They couldn’t be any more beautiful and perfect to me. Thank you for the gesture Blue Eyes & Parks…AND Parks’ mama!


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