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Kitchen Remodel Plans

We’re really going to do it…I have been imagining the kitchen of my dreams for 30 some years…maybe more. And now those dreams are coming true! It’s such an exciting endeavor…but surprisingly, I’m finding it to be one of the scariest as well. I want to get it right…I’m sure we’ll never do anything like this again, so I don’t want to screw it up!

The room will be an addition on the house and our construction plans are pretty much done and drawn up. The building permit has been approved and signed off, so here we go!

kitchen remodel plans
We’re going with a pitched ceiling, so this is the diagram of the roof joists…exciting stuff!

I never imagined how much homework goes into a project like this. I don’t like that part. I just like to pick the finishes and dream about cooking in it.

Here is the outside view of the kitchen windows…picture me waving while doing dishes in my FARMHOUSE sink from the other side! Dishes will be fun…

Thank golly all mighty that Blue Eyes is a meticulous planner…a tenacious researcher…and he actually likes to comparison shop. Ugh, if you asked me…but I’m so thankful for him! And check out his drawings…I think they’re beautiful!

kitchen remodel plans
Blue Eyes has done such a thorough and meticulous job of pulling the plan out of my head…and getting it down on paper!

kitchen remodel plans
We’re digging a basement underneath the addition, to connect with the existing basement, so our backyard is going to look like a mine field all summer. Oh well…it’ll be worth it all in the end….right?

So that’s enough for today! I’ll be posting the progress throughout this crazy adventure (I’ve got some pictures of the demo so far)…until then….TTFN!!!


  1. Candy Dunn | | Reply

    For sure with “blue eyes” in charge, it will be done right! I love love Farm House Sinks!!!! What a great experience having a hand in the construction!! You will learn so much! Construction can make or break a relationship. Try to keep your voice down & no name calling. LOL

    • Deena | | Reply

      I agree Candy! Both that Blue Eyes is on the ball and that we need to keep our voices down! haha! We are very careful of how we treat each other during this journey as we sure do have moments where we would love to call each other names! I’m happy to say that we are doing pretty well! Thanks for stopping in and for leaving a comment! I hope you will continue to do so as this little ol’ blog grows 🙂 TTFN!!! D

  2. Trixie | | Reply

    Can’t wait to see it when it’s done!!!

    • Deena | | Reply

      I will be dragging you and Otis over here for dinner and cocktails!!!

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