Blue Onion Bliss…New Beginnings

deena computer

Welcome to Blue Onion Bliss! I’m so anxious and excited to get this little blog started! It’s rather ugly and plain at the moment…very “bare bones”, but the urge to begin writing about the latest venture in my unpredictable life is overwhelming. And babbling journaling is good for my sanity. I can’t tell you how many friends and family have begged me to get back to writing again…not because I’m any great author…but because nobody likes hanging out with a crazy lady! There may be a few of you who “know” me from my first blog baby…Real Country Living…so to you, a huge thank

Valentine BLUE…it’s the New Red

blue new red

Valentine BLUE…it works for me! The day of love has come and gone, but I have a permanent reminder that Valentine blue is the new Valentine red…at least to me. What makes this a permanent reminder is that this is a Hydrangea shrub and once the weather permits, I can plant it in the garden where it will live for the rest of my lifetime…I hope! And what makes it a reminder of the love part of Valentine’s Day? It was picked out for me by a very thoughtful fella…Blue Eyes’ 6 year old grandson, Sweet Parker Pie. Parker, (or “Parks”, as Papa Blue

Antique Mini Bar

antique mini bar

Someday, we’re going to build a “real” bar in the basement family room. For now, we love our Antique mini bar that’s used upstairs. The wall cupboard is really super old, I’m not sure what year it’s from, but the owner we bought it from guessed its origin to be about the 1920’s. All those lovely wear marks are from genuine everyday use. I fell head over heels for it instantly when I saw it at a flea market a few years ago. That’s how I decide to buy an antique or grab a free old piece of junk…there’s a very

Baby African Violets

african violet

Today’s project was to divide and re-pot my African Violets. It’s something I typically do around this time of year. Spring is around the corner, but I can’t even wait that long to play in the dirt. On the ranch, spring brings new babies…baby calves, baby chicks, baby lambs, baby colts…and baby African Violets. OK…I know…African Violet babies can come any time of year…I just thought it sounded good. I started with 4 African Violets, each in it’s own pot. Blue Eyes surprised me with them 2 Christmases ago. These little flowering plants were something I always had while on the

Kitchen Remodel Plans

kitchen plans

We’re really going to do it…I have been imagining the kitchen of my dreams for 30 some years…maybe more. And now those dreams are coming true! It’s such an exciting endeavor…but surprisingly, I’m finding it to be one of the scariest as well. I want to get it right…I’m sure we’ll never do anything like this again, so I don’t want to screw it up! The room will be an addition on the house and our construction plans are pretty much done and drawn up. The building permit has been approved and signed off, so here we go! I never